Our team, beliefs, studio and story

Our mission is to improve how people live and work. The way we work is rooted in our values. Our team has decades of experience in design and creating great customer experiences.

Our Core Team

Imran's Profile Photo
Imran Hussain

Founder & Consultant, Cordoba



Noshad Khalid Minhas

Fintech & Digital Banking Specialist

Tauseef Riaz Minhas

Digital Transformation, Startups & New Ventures Specialist


What We Believe

Serving Society

We believe that we should be of service to society and that we need to improve the human condition through our work.

Achieving Excellence

We believe that our work needs to be world-class and that we need to aim for excellence in all our endeavors.

Being Ethical

We believe in being honest and ethical in our dealings with both our clients and our employees.

Promoting Wellbeing

We believe in ensuring the wellbeing for our people by thoughtfully designing the workplace and our office facilities.

Nurturing & Caring

We believe in nurturing the people we work with, caring for them and encouraging them to realize their full potential.

Building Communities

We believe in building communities of knowledge through outreach activities and establishing forums for learning.

Our Studio

We have a fully-equipped design studio that supports research-based activities and creative problem solving. Our office space is designed to support both individual and collaborative modes of working. In addition, we also have a library area, a wellbeing room, a dining area and various breakout areas.

By providing a casual and friendly work environment, we ensure our clients and teams can be productive and effective.

“The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed.”


The Origins Story

Having lived and worked extensively abroad in the UK, I was deeply passionate about promoting human-centered design in Pakistan. This brought me to Pakistan in 2000 and eventually led to the founding of Cordoba in Lahore in 2019.

Inspiration for the name ‘Cordoba’ comes from the city of Cordoba located in the south of Spain. At its pinnacle during the Middle Ages, Cordoba was a highly civilized society, a place of beautiful architecture and the most celebrated place of learning in the world which lead to the renaissance in Europe. And it represented harmony.

Design too is about creating harmony by finding the right balance between constraints and opportunities and coming up with appropriate solutions that improve the human condition. As a firm, Cordoba represents that ideal.