Case Study Telecom

Improving Telecom Customer Complaints Through Service Design

A Telecom company wanted to improve their customer service by improving the customer complaint handling process. Using a design methodology, we created a complaint ticket naming convention and recommended process improvements which led to a better customer experience.

the challenge

Customer Satisfaction was extremely low due to unsatisfactory complaint handling. Also the mechanism for capturing insights to make decisions wasn’t in place.

the solution

A new convention for logging complaints, new routing mechanisms and creation of processes for complaint management.  


With 70% of the complaints going over the allocated time, customer satisfaction is extremely low and churn is extremely high. Human centered design was used to narrow down the key stakeholders and the challenges due to which the complaint process was lacking. Multiple problems were identified, personas were mapped and users were observed.



The problem that we set out to solve was to come up with a new naming convention, this would enable the frontline to select the right complaint, help us capture the voice of the customer and let the other departments know where to continue and solve the problem. This resulted in better complaint and time management, helping keep the complaints on track and ensuring critical insights. This naming convention was then mapped across all systems.

A lot of other challenges were uncovered while solving this problem; which included the mobile application and the interactive voice response usability. This design challenge led to multiple new avenues opening up from new process creation, to understanding how the company handles complaints and redefinition of roles within the organization. 

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