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An Interactive System to Help Pregnant Women in Low Literate Areas

To help pregnant women of low literate areas in Pakistan with pregnancy related issues, we created an IVR system that would provide them with all the information they might need.

the challenge

Deliver crucial information about key subjects relating to pregnancy and childbirth to pregnant women in low income and low literate areas in Pakistan.

the solution

We developed an interactive voice response system in Urdu and Punjabi that provided women in target areas with key information.


With a pregnancy-related death occurring once every 36 minutes in Pakistan, there is a clear gap in the effective providing of information and medical services to a large segment of the population. The most impacted by these gaps are women living in low literacy rural areas where women lack basic awareness and medical services.



It was important to understand this demographic so visited the most affected areas and collected a list of challenges and created an IVR system that worked in regional languages. Key topics, including the importance of routine visits, nutrition, proper medication and tests, financial advice and commonly occurring context-specific issues, were included in the knowledge base.

A total of 29 women tested the IVR system in a rural area of Pakistan which provided key learning and insights about the effectiveness and feasibility of such systems which showed great promise in terms of its engagement, ease of access and low-cost implementation.

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